Are you pregnant or did you have a baby in the last year?

Do you feel isolated? 

Are you having strange thoughts or feelings that are upsetting you?                                                                               


Do you feel anxious or worried and/or feel the need to often check on your baby?

Do you feel ashamed or fearful to tell someone about how you're feeling or what you're thinking?

Are you wondering if what you're experiencing is typical 'baby blues' or something more? 


You are invited to a special support circle uniquely designed for pregnant women and new moms. New Mom Haven offers a safe, supportive environment for women to share their challenges with pregnancy and new motherhood. You will find support, education, validation and a much-needed connection with other women experiencing similar things. The group is offered in a eight-week series and advanced registration is required to secure your placement in the group. Cost is $160 per eight-week session. Babies are welcome. Come and expand your circle of support! 

Facilitated by: Shannon Kaufman, LCSW 

When: Day TBD, 10:45 - 12:00

Where: 919 N. Weber St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903

For questions or to register, please contact Shannon Kaufman at 719-425-7750 or shannon@thewellforwomen.com.