Hey Mama!
Things are a bit overwhelming right now. I know. You feel like your life has been turned upside down and you don’t know how you feel from one minute to the next. You love your baby but you are confused with the feelings you did not anticipate such as loneliness, anger, sadness and resentment. You may be a stay-at-home mom and you expected to feel fulfilled in that role yet find yourself feeling empty or lonely. Or maybe you work outside of the home and feel conflicted with the struggle to balance both roles. You worry all the time; you feel your life is a mess and you are barely holding it together.

You question who you are and yearn for a piece of who you once were. Even a tiny resemblance of life before your sweet baby was born. Mama you are still there - all that you were before that feels lost will be found again.

I want to be by your side and help you navigate this crazy postpartum journey!

Enter Coaching.

My postpartum coaching practice is centered around empowering mothers, like you! As your Postpartum Coach, I will hold space for you to process difficult emotions that may come around the birth of your child, your transition into motherhood and beyond. I will give you personalized support to nurture yourself so you can feel more confident in caring for yourself, your baby and your family!

As a postpartum client you will:

*Learn tools and practices for self-care and stress relief
*Set and accomplish personal goals
*Receive emotional support from someone who understands

*Explore your identity as a mom

*Release the fear, shame & defeat of early motherhood

*Find & achieve more balance in your life

*Manage boundaries & roles of extended family

*Identify and manage your expectations of yourself and motherhood

*Learn to incorporate mindfulness into motherhood

How to Thrive Postpartum - A Complete Guide!

A 6-week course for moms, by moms who are experts in the field. This self-paced course will help prepare you for motherhood and all things after baby! It will take you on a journey to find your inner mother and grow in your confidence as a mom. You will learn:

  • What to expect postpartum
  • How to care for you postpartum body and nourish yourself
  • How to care for your postpartum mind (and receive a free 30-minute coaching call with me!)
  • Breastfeeding basics
  • Maternal meditations
  • Journal prompts and self-reflection exercises

          And more!!

For more info visit:

https://www.howtothrivepostpartum.com/af/74554017/1010525 ** Use discount code thewell10 for 10% OFF the course.

Please contact me for info on my Postpartum Coaching Packages: 719-425-7750, shannon@thewellforwomen.com